* Requiem for Peace (and one dead man in London.c)
 * Cycle 78, year 26 (Ji-Chou), month 3 (Wu-Chen), day 7 (Ding-Chou)
 * (A)m*dam(jrml)

int moment = 0;

int justice = 7;

void *anger = "
  There was a  pause, and an eerie silence, just before  he did it.  A
  green  scarf  masking  his face,  the  man  held  a large  piece  of
  scaffolding  above  his   head  and,  surrounded  by  photographers,
  eyeballed  the unprotected window  of the  Royal Bank  of Scotland's
  branch on Threadneedle Street.

void *exception = "
  In that  split second, one voice  amid thousands in  the crowd broke
  the silence.  - Don't do  it -  she screamed -  He did -  This isn't
  violence -  retorted another voice in  the crowd - We  paid for this

unsigned int moment;
unsigned int imacy;
unsigned int cause;
bool represented;

extern void *wave;
extern void *street;
extern void *justice;
extern int death;

while(protest) {

  for(moment=0; moment < justice; moment++) {

    wave = malloc( sizeof( anger ) );
    // wave is filled with people   
    democracy[moment] -> reclaim(wave, street);
    try {

      // check if they smile
      represented = reality(moment);

      if(!represented) throw(exception);
    if( moment[wave] == death ) {
      // One protester at the scene said the man was in his 30s and died
      // of natural causes, the  Press Association news agency reported.

      imacy  = moment[wave]; // zoom in

      cause  = natural(imacy); // the cause is just an index

      /* Alok,  currently  in Exchange  Square,  would  like to  thank
         Muriel for  lending him  her pen when  his run out.   He says
         there are around 150 people  out in sympathy with the man who
         died and 70 police. */
      imacy -= democracy[cause] -> individual(justice);

      rip(imacy); // the man was there to protest, but he is no more

    // RFC-G20

    if( !listen(moment) ) {
      justice--; // will affect globally
  catch(void *e) {
    // Once they  had broken into the bank,  however, the protesters
    // did not quite know what to do.
    printf("justice is %u", justice);
    printf("anger address is %p (out of bounds?)", anger);
    printf("it seems they are still smiling.");
    // seen before, anyway we send the warning

 } // street protest ends, but the wave will hit more shores

/* this code won't compile alone, it is part of a larger software. */